Starbucks Waverly Place

New Reserve Store LEED Certified

One of the newest trends in coffee is the custom hi-end reserve blends coupled with fresh and unique brewing methods.  This is exactly what was designed at the newest Starbucks Reserve Store.  This store is located on the first floor of an NYU building at the intersection of Waverly Place and Mercer Street, just east of Washington Square park in NYC.

The unique design of this hi-profile reserve store blends well with the history and culture of the area. There was fine attention to detail to bring out the character of the structure originally built in 1910.  The space was revived to expose the original brick, stone and concrete finishes.  The high ceilings were exposed and adorned with new wood cladding, and the walls were decorated with work from local artists.  The Waverly façade incorporates a fold up glass and metal door to allow for walk-up service as well as opening up the café to the community during the spring and summer months.

Many of the elements incorporated into this store were inspired by the design of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle.

WFC along with Starbucks top designers created this new reserve store with the newest lighting technology to create a comfortable atmosphere with precision targeted spotlighting on each table and seating area.  Most of the light sources are creatively hidden to create a comfortable glow throughout the store.  Exterior lighting was designed to include new backlit “reserve” logos and Starbucks sirens.

The existing deteriorated exterior storefront was demolished and replaced with a new energy efficient glazing system as well as new HVAC system meeting LEED certification requirements.